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7 Things You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

To start a worthwhile Social media marketing commitment you have to make a social media presence on social media giants such as face book, Instagram, twitter, pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.

Secondly and most importantly you need to create a relationship with the customers where you can share and start a dialogue with them. You need to build a bridge between your company and the customers through advertisements and through trusted social influencers who have a following.

So Here are My 7 Important Tips about Social Media Marketing

Be Social

To gain the trust of people you have to interact with them, start a dialogue and share your ideas. People want to be kept interested and engaged, the only way is to make them talk with you. The more you converse with people the more you will be able to convey your message and ideas about your company and subsequently you will get to know more about what the customer want.

If your strategy is just to overload your own promotions then it will not sustain. People will eventually get bored and distance themselves.


Patience is the Key

Social media marketing is a long game which requires a lot of hard work and patience. You are never going to succeed overnight, it’ll take time. You have to be committed and consistent with your contributions whichever the platform face book, twitter or your own website.

It will be required of your organization to find the time and resources to cultivate a genuine strategy. Better the strategy better the chances of your post to reach the target audience.


Go Step By Step

Start by picking one social media at a time. When you are working on only one platform it allows you to concentrate more on that platform and from there on you can build on to other platforms. Starting with facebook seems a good idea as it is may be the most used social media platform and mostly other platforms such as Instagram twitter pinterest can be linked to your facebook account/page.


Social Endorsement Will Cut Your Costs

Like stated in the first point your social interaction with the customers will get you very far. A happy customer will get more audience engagement then a paid campaign will ever do. On facebook every user had 300 friends give or take, so when they share your post, it automatically becomes relevant and authentic.

Bring in Variety

What is also important regarding social media is that you have to be dynamic with your post. Don’t be too biased to any one strategy while posting. Use pictures videos, GIFS and all sorts of other stuff like that. It keeps people interested


Stay Up To Date.

When it comes to social media, things are always changing with new technology. So whenever a new platform or medium comes along catch up to it. It gives an impression that you are dynamic which people like. Also the quicker you get hold of new technology the better the results in future.


Work Hard and Be a Part

Social media will require time patience and some investment here and there. So all you have to do is give time, be consistent and not shy away from the challenge because it will take some time to tackle all the barriers. Stay updated and keep talking with the community, the longer you stay in it the more chances of reaching the target audience. So keep being a part.



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