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Best OFF-Page SEO Practices & Techniques in 2019 [Actionable]

Search engine optimization is widely categorized in two major parts. The on-page and the off-page SEO. We have recently published an article about the important on-page SEO factors and now it’s time to shed some light on some of the most influential off-page factors of SEO.

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off site or Off-page SEO is referred to all the practices which are performed outside the premises of the website to enhance its organic exposure. Off-page SEO is all about acquiring brand mention, increasing citation flow, co-occurrence, earning back-links, content marketing and getting referral traffic to one’s website.

How Off-Page Can Boost Your SEO Campaign

Google and all other search engines use links from other website pointing your website as a vote. The more votes your website has from other high authority websites the more your authority get increased in the eyes of Google. It is a famous saying that if “Everyone likes you, Google likes you”.

This is because if a well-known, high authority website is linking your website, they might believe in the quality and the value that it will provide to the visitors.  Google uses links from other sources pointing your website as a trust score and use this metric as a major ranking factor.  Earning back links is one of the most challenging SEO process as compared to optimizing new content.


Link Building or Link Acquisition

Link building is one of the core off-page activities.  Website with high number of back links (links pointing to your website from other websites) tends to rank higher in Google.  This means that if you are good at earning links from other websites you will not only rank higher but will also attract traffic from those sources to your website as referrals.




The above graph shows the relationship between Google rankings and the average number of back links acquired.


Domain Authority

Domain authority is the measure of how much authority does a domain have in the eyes of search engine. Domain authority is a scale of 1-100 that shows the trust worthiness of a domain. The more quality you have from high authority domain the more you rank better on search engines. Domain authority of website depends upon different factors which may include, domain age, number of keywords rankings for a specific domain, traffic value, back-links and quality of content.


Social Sharing

Although social sharing might not directly influence your rankings but it is of high importance if your goal is long term branding. Social sharing lets you to share your content on dense social media platforms to gain audience engagement. It will help you to drive traffic from social channels to your website as well.  Social sharing helps you to viral your content and also lets you to create your brand mentions on social media platforms.




Effective Off-Page Can Do Nothing without One-Page

No SEO campaign can bring profitable results when done alone. On-page and Off-page SEO should always be performed in a combination to get results from SEO.  Since On-page factors deals with all the SEO elements on your website while the off-page deals with getting back links and mentions to your brand increasing its brand awareness.


Some Useful Which Will Help You in Your Off-Page SEO

It is not that you can’t perform off-page SEO without using tools. However there are some really effective SEO tools which can help you acquire quality links. These tools will also help you find out what your competitors are doing and let you follow their foot-prints.





It is one my favorite SEO tools. Ahref is one of the most comprehensive SEO tools that lets you do really cool things with SEO.  With Ahrefs  you just have to enter the URL of your competitors and it will show you all its back-links, referral domain, number of organic keywords, traffic value , top pages, URL rating and many more parameters.





SEM Rush

SEM rush is one of the most widely used tool in the SEO industry.  This tool can be really helpful in specifically analyzing keywords that are being used by your competitor. One of the most useful feature of SEM rush which I like the most is that it can show top pages of your competitor with the keywords they are ranking for.




Dare Boost

Dare Boost is a popular website performance testing tool that shows the performance of your website with respect to SEO.  The best part of Dare Boost is that it indentifies the areas which are slowing down the speed of your website and tells you exactly how you can fix those areas to boost up the site loading speed.



Deep Crawl

Deep crawling is crawling website that analyzes each and every page of your website and tells you how you can improve the SEO score of your website. It tells you what SEO elements of your website are underperforming, broken links, H1 heading tags, internal linking structure and many more.

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