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A Beginner Guide: What Is Search Engine Optimization

In this modern age people and things are moving more and more towards technology and the digital part of this world. Inevitably our business have also taken the digital route where you can find more and more brands and companies on the internet. All you have to do is google the company/brand or the services you require and you will find all the results relevant to your requirements.

But here a question arises as to how one can make their website or brand visible to the user when there are so many similar websites? How to be visible on the internet with such fierce competition? Well there are many ways to get yourself more than noticed, one of which is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is simply put a way of marketing to make your website visible to the public in organic search engine results. SEO is a way of generating traffic and improving your website’s ranking on search engine. SEO service providers optimize your website with an SEO friendly content, providing links of your website on other website. It is done so that search engine can read and understand what your website is all about.

One important part about SEO is that your website should be structured in such a way that it is not only SEO friendly where the main purpose is to amass ranking on search engine but it is very crucial that your website is structured to help the user and provide them with easy solution.


Do My Website Need SEO? WHY?

 The simple and short answer is yes, you would naturally want to know why. Well you need to understand that most of the web traffic is driven by search engines such as Google, yahoo and bing. Their job is to provide the users with the relevant results to their queries. They basically show the road map as to where people need to go when the want something in particular.

People use the search engine by putting in their queries and the KEYWORDS people type in the search engines are of huge importance. They are basically act as the key for the users to finding your business. The more you invest in SEO the more easily your website will be found by your target audience.


How Does SEO Work?

SEO is lengthy procedure yet simple enough for one to understand. The first important thing of SEO is that you must be aware of all the updates and requirements of the search engine when you structure your website. You can find them on google, as google is the most used search engine in the world almost 90% of the world uses google. That is why 99% of websites are basically google optimized.

Secondly your website will need an SEO friendly content. A good content will be defined by its length, proper use of keywords in it and how much it satisfies user intent. Then you will be required to make internal and external links, activities such as finding social influencers and publishing blogs.

Sounds Easy. Can I Do It?

SEO is basically advertisement of your brand and website. All you have to do is gather information and ask questions. You can find tutorials of SEO on the internet, even comprehensive reading regarding the process of SEO will suffice. If you can commit your time and keep yourself focused you can start an SEO company yourself.


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